The ultimate performance in mobile curing has arrived!

• Intelligent Power Assist for consistent, high-performance LG Lithium battery-powered curing

• Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown

• Backlit Gelish logo visualizes battery power level eliminating guesswork

• Ideal 5, 30, and 60-second settings plus on/of button

• 60-second setting eliminates heat spikes with exclusive Gelish Comfort Cure ™ technology

• Replacement Battery Pack

• Up to 75 services per charge

• Cures all 5 fingers in 30 seconds



Whether moving from nail table to pedicure station — or taking your skills on the road — now you’re ready to roam with the innovative Gelish 18G UNPLUGGED ™ Professional Mobile LED Light!

18G UNPLUGGED LED Light 36watts

SKU: 1168012